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Morris loves Merino

It didn’t take long for us to discover that one of our most popular items was the merino sweater, so we decided to make  it in a range of styles and colors, from the Merino Zip Cardigan, or the Merino O-neck and Roller Neck, in knits from wide rib to classic cable.

The History

But we didn’t invent the merino sweater. It all started in the 12th century, when traders brought merino sheep to Spain. Over the centuries merino sheep were prized for their fine wool and exported throughout Europe and the Americas—and eventually, merino was used for everything from haute couture dresses to the iconic Morris Merino Cable.

Our Wool

All of our merino garments are knit from wool woven by Biella Südwolle, a family-owned company dedicated to renewability. Morris loves merino because it’s a naturally sustainable fiber—and it’s also naturally durable and temperature regulating, so it can be worn regardless of the season. Warm in winter and cool in summer, Morris merino wool is meant to be worn—forever. 

Merino Care

Merino wool is self-cleaning, so you don’t need to wash your wool pieces frequently. Just refresh them when necessary. Here are some tips for when you do need to wash or repair your wool.

• Hand wash your merino wool, or set your washing machine to the wool setting if you’re sure it’s going to be gentle. 
• Don’t hang your knit garments to dry—lay wet wool flat to dry to help it maintain its shape.
• Learn how to make simple repairs. All Morris merino wool garments come with extra thread for minor repairs.