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Always Pieces

How to achieve great and long-lasting style

8 Min Read

Contrary to what many men believe, great style isn’t complicated or time consuming. It’s actually the opposite. The key to looking sharp is to focus on a few pieces that last, both in style and in quality. Pieces that will stay with you for a long time, see you through many occasions, and can be easily paired with what you already own. At Morris, we call these “The Always Pieces”, and they’re noteworthy, yet pretty straightforward.

The White Tee

You can sleep in it, wear it to the gym, under a blazer, or to the beach with your swimming trunks – among a million other ways. And unlike denim, a white tee should be fresh and crisp: you should keep a stack of pure white, soft cotton tees in rotation. Our version comes with our signature Lily embroidered on the chest – discreet, yet still visible enough to add extra flair.

The Navy Blazer

The navy blazer is the male equivalent of the little black dress. It truly is one of the most versatile garments. You can dress it up or down with jeans, cords or grey trousers. It quite literally goes with everything. We suggest trying it with less obvious items, too: a white T-shirt or – our current favourite – a rugger, for that preppy look we love. And there’s no need to be too ironed or proper; a few wrinkles add a carefree cool.

The Rugger

Preppy style has its origins in sportswear that became leisurewear, and the rugger sweater is probably the best example of this. In an era when hoodies rule the street (and even the catwalk), it’s a slightly more refined option that will stand the test of time. We would also argue that it’s a piece that transcends seasons: pair it with corduroys and flannels in the winter and shorts and chinos in the summer. It can also be worn with other forever pieces – for instance, as described above, you really should try wearing it with a navy blazer.


V or round neck. Colorful or something subtle. Under the blazer or worn as it is. For autumn days or summer nights. You can—and should—wear it any way you choose, but it’s best to always have a few high-quality merino sweaters in your wardrobe, ready for any moment or look.


This may be a material rather than a specific piece of clothing, but denim just sums up great, long-lasting style. A denim shirt or pair of jeans does miracles for the well-dressed man’s wardrobe. You can wear them with almost anything – we’re always into a denim shirt and navy blazer combo, but it looks just as good under a merino sweater or alone, as is. Denim is also made to be worn; it looks better and becomes more comfy as it ages. And a good pair of well-fitting jeans – well, they need no further introduction.