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The Inspiration Behind the Collection

Autumn / Winter 2020

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We would like to describe us as someone who has the eye for timeless style, but that still isn’t resistant to newness. Morris is the result of rebellion of tradition, born from cultural curiosity – and as a result, the Morris style is always relevant and never, ever predictable.

Every season, we carefully select only the garments, patterns and details that we know will add to the legendary Morris atmosphere and brand.

We have always believed in creating clothes that can add personality and strengthen the confidence of every man. Years of fleeing trends are over and people want to reclaim their uniqueness.

“Morris is the result of rebellion of
tradition, born from cultural curiosity.”

This season has its foundation in our roots. Dressing should be fun and comfortable and our mission for the autumn / winter collection has been to combine them both yet not compromise on style.

A key word that summarizes the collection is 21st century- retro. That is what we at Morris do impeccably good – we put classic garments in a contemporary context. Jacket and coat play a central part in the autumn / winter collection, as well as cozy knitwear in all shapes and qualities. The bottom silhouettes are vacant and straight and top body, shapes are boxier. Creating a modern yet timeless look, and as always, we like to play with colors and details to make every Morris garment feel unique and well thought through.