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Our story

Fashion is a funny thing. The word implies constant change – always moving on to the next big thing, the next trend and the next look. That’s not Morris. We prefer the word curious – and as a brand, you could say that we’re style curious. Marrying the past with the future unknown. But let’s start from the beginning.

Rebels of Tradition, always

Our founder, Jan Alsén, was a style maverick. He kept his head held high, a lily pinned to his chest. When the world zigged, he zagged. When it screamed fast fashion, he stayed true to his craft and conviction, championing a timeless wardrobe that never stops evolving. That spirit lives on. It’s our creed. To stay true to yourself, and express that. Because that’s not fashion, that’s style – and style is synonymous with knowing who you are, what you want – and not giving a damn.

Morris leads the way in men’s style. We want every man to stay true to himself, and express that. To be the lord of his own wardrobe.