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Our story

Fashion is a funny thing. The word implies constant change – always moving on to the next big thing, the next trend and the next look. That’s not Morris. We prefer the word curious – and as a brand, you could say that we’re style curious. Marrying the past with the future unknown. But let’s start from the beginning.

Rebels of Tradition, always

Our founder, Jan Alsén, was a style maverick. He kept his head held high, a lily pinned to his chest. When the world zigged, he zagged. When it screamed fast fashion, he stayed true to his craft and conviction, championing a timeless wardrobe that never stops evolving. That spirit lives on. It’s our creed. To stay true to yourself, and express that. Because that’s not fashion, that’s style – and style is synonymous with knowing who you are, what you want – and not giving a damn.

Morris leads the way in men’s style. We want every man to stay true to himself, and express that. To be the lord of his own wardrobe.

One brand
– Two main lines


This contemporary gentleman takes interest and pride in how he dresses himself. It’s important for him to dress well – and that others acknowledge his good taste. However, “fashion” is not a word that the Morris Man is comfortable with. To him, fashion people are a different tribe entirely.

Together with comfort and quality, style makes up the holy trinity of clothing, and for the Morris Man, all three boxes must be ticked. The Morris Man is always game to evolve his way of dressing.

The Morris Man might live in a big city or a small town, but he always perceives himself as an urban individual. The Morris Man is an explorer, but his explorations are often knowledge or fact driven. Whether it’s watches, art, cars, wine, or clothes, he wants to be in the know about models, years and details, preferably paired with a good anecdote.


Morris Heritage is the slightly more refined brother of Morris Orange, our main line. It’s clear that these two brothers are from the same parent – they’ve grown up and come of age side by side, shared the same kind of experiences, and have the same sources of inspiration that shape their references, preferences and passions. They’re both distinctly Morris: a universe of timeless, iconic menswear, playfully updated with a daring yet caring attitude.

Morris Heritage is a limited collection of fewer pieces made of uncompromising high-quality materials. Everything from fabric to cuts and fits have been given the extra attention that manifests itself in details such as soft, unconstructed shoulders and light, comfy, half canvas constructions. The Morris Heritage brother likes his buttons to come in five, and for them to be “kissing” – meaning they’re sewn side by side, slightly touching. And, of course, you can unbutton them, a detail that is the mark of a quality jacket or suit. The weavers of Morris Heritage fabrics are icons in themselves – names like Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis and Thomas Mason.

Morris Heritage is sharp, crisp and tailored, inspired by bespoke traditions and a celebration of craftsmanship. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more formal or dressed up – it simply means that if the Morris Heritage brother puts on a tie, he does so with a daring attitude.

Morris Heritage is not nostalgic for the past. Like everything within the family, he challenges – even rebels – against tradition in order to always stay relevant and vibrant.