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From Craftsmen to Tastemakers

Morris Heritage

“A closer look at the details, raw ingredients and knowledge that make up our finest line of gentleman's clothing and accessories.

Morris Heritage has a gentlemen’s fit – meaning tailored and narrow, but definitely not slim. We’ve made sure that all of our styles make all men look their best. Pants are narrow but not slim to match the style of the jackets. The Morris Heritage trouser mostly come with a flat front, as well as generous turn-ups. Yes, we do like a patched pocket as it adds to that casual feeling. We also like traditional pockets, but with an extra ticket pocket too. 

A soft, unconstructed shoulder doesn’t just offer a light and comfortable feeling – it also shows a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The inside of the jacket is constructed with canvas. This specific model is half-canvas, which means the canvas runs through the chest and lapels of the blazer, but not the bottom. Try it on and you’ll see why. It’s so light it gives you the feeling that you’re floating – much like the light-as-air dance steps of Fred Astaire. 

We like our buttons to come in five, and we like them to be “kissing” – which means that they’re sewn side-to-side, touching slightly. And, of course, you can unbutton them, a nice detail that is the mark of a quality jacket or suit. Play around with one, two, three or even four open for that nonchalant look.

Our fabrics and weavers are exclusively Italian. Some of our favourite friends from the Apennine Peninsula include Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis for suits and jackets, and Thomas Mason for shirts.