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Our Design Philosophy

"We like to say that we refine the classics and bring them into today"

The great thing about style – rather than fast fashion – is that it allows you to build a wardrobe made to last over time. A wardrobe that is timeless. But timeless does not mean stagnant or backwards-looking. The Morris mission is to make timeless style attractive, vibrant, and relevant for now.

Timeless can be a navy merino knitted sweater, an oxford shirt or a pair of jeans. But it can also be a multicolored rugger, a striped seersucker suit or pastel trousers. We like to keep one eye on the rearview mirror, looking at great style icons, and learning from things that have been around for a long time (for a reason). We like to say that we refine the classics and bring them into today.

We believe this is the root of a sustainable approach to fashion – we encourage our consumers to buy less and better. We choose our suppliers of both garments and fabrics wisely and believe in building long-term relationships, and not taking shortcuts. When choosing materials, we lean on our preferred materials and our objective, which is always to choose the material that will mean the longest lifetime for a garment. We strive to use as many clean fabrics as possible. They are easier to regenerate and stay, in our eyes, beautiful longer. With the right care, these garments will look new for a very long time. Because we believe in a wardrobe that’s made to be extended, not replaced.

Read more about our sustainability work here.