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Knitted sweaters are one of our widest categories at Morris Stockholm, with a vast selection for you as a customer. They are also one of the most versatile garments in a man’s wardrobe, which is why we offer you countless style choices in this category. Whether it’s a knitted sweater, a preppy rugger, an elegant slipover, a polo shirt, or a crewneck, they all have a natural place and represent different style expressions for various occasions throughout the season. The knitted sweater can be a practical and warming complement to your outfit or the central style element in your ensemble.

Regardless of the role the knitted sweater plays in your attire, the choice of colour, material, and fit is crucial. Thin knitted sweaters are perfect under your blazer or suit to give a sophisticated casual look, check out our merino knitted category. Polo shirts are a timeless and more relaxed option to wear under a blazer, providing a sporty touch instead of a shirt and tie.

Explore our collection of knitted sweaters from Morris Stockholm and find your perfect style. With carefully selected materials and timeless design options, you can enjoy both comfort and style in every season. Whether you prefer a thick sweater to keep you warm, want to experience the luxury of a cashmere sweater, or make a fashion-forward statement with a chunky knit design, you can trust that our sweaters will add an extra dimension to your look.