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Discover the vest from Morris Stockholm – your dependable companion during cool spring days and autumn breezes. A versatile garment that can be worn in a myriad of ways, from casually sporty to refined elegance. In our collection, you’ll find waistcoats for all occasions. The waistcoat serves as the perfect complement to your autumn jacket, granting you a versatile style that suits every scenario.

You can easily wear the waistcoat as an additional layer over a blazer or jumper in the early months of the year. But its utility extends further – its clever design also makes it an exceptional mid-layer, prolonging the season for your lighter jackets and coats as the temperature drops. To infuse a sophisticated touch into your outfit, you can even combine a lightweight down waistcoat with a high-quality outer coat. And not to overlook the distinctive details – our waistcoats work superbly as an overlay atop your vibrant Morris Merino jumper, introducing an added dimension of style and warmth to your attire.