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Lily Collection

An ode to our iconic Lily symbol

Introducing the Lily Collection – An ode to our iconic Lily symbol. A contemporary preppy collection, where sportswear meets color and classic preppy attributes.

That our symbol is a version of the french Fleur de Lys is no coincidence, or at least not merely that. The lily is a symbol with several historical connections and stands for tradition – just like Morris.

We like to always have one eye in the rearview mirror, learning from great style, from great style icons, from things that have been around for a long time (for a reason). We like to say that we refine classics and bring them into today. And that is what we have done with the lily too.

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Meet Morris

We like to think of ourselves as a “rebel of tradition” – meaning we know the rules that define our culture, so we also know when (and how) to break those rules. Our hearts beat for colour and British prep, and our eyes scan the globe for inspiration – but our feet are firmly planted in Swedish values.