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Whether you prefer classic chinos and jeans, or something dressed, as suit trousers, Morris Stockholm has something for every occasion. Choice of colour and material are factors that vary between the seasons, a corduroy or flannel pant is best worn during autumn and winter, while a linen pant is best suited during the warmer months. A pair of jeans, 5-pockets or chinos can be easily worn throughout the year and get different expressions depending on what you match them with. Don't miss our sporty jersey drawstring pants for a relaxed and comfortable option, coordinate with our sweatshirts for a sporty look.

Fit in the waist and length of trousers is of great importance to how the overall impression is experienced. Other details such as press pleats, waist height, leg width, pockets, whether it is drawstring or button closure will also affect how an outfit is categorized. A lot has to do with personal preferences. We are happy to help you if you have questions about fit, size and model selection to ensure that you find the right trousers for the right occasion.

How you choose to style your trousers depends on both the occasion and taste. For a stylish everyday look, Morris merino is always suitable, for more dressed-up events, wear the trousers with a blazer and shirt. Keep it simple with a crisp t-shirt and jeans, a look that works in many contexts and can easily be built up with more layers – an overshirt or a sporty sweatshirt are useful options all year round. Do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of trousers from our collection at Morris Stockholm, a smart choice when building a long-term wardrobe.