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The Italian Mountain Escape

Come up. Slow down

3 Min Read

Morris A/W 2022

Destination Dolomites

Get some of your best friends together. Pack a few fleece pieces, checked flannel overshirts, vest, and chunky knits. Maybe some merino cashmere sweaters and a navy blazer for evenings. Drive up to the Italian mountains – the Dolomites. Stay together in a chalet – it’s more fun and social than a hotel. Let there be plenty of fresh snow falling at night, and plenty of sunshine during the days. Ski until your legs won’t carry you anymore, then settle in for a long lunch. Take in the vast views and the fresh mountain air. Nights are spent cooking together, enjoying the moment, but also looking forward to the next day on the piste. Repeat for a few more days. What more could you possibly ask for in life.

Altitude and Attitude

Morris Stockholm