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Touchdown Cap Estel

Welcome to the glorious, relaxed French Riviera.

5 Min Read

The sound of waves softly lapping, the fresh springtime air, idyllic views of blue sea meeting white sand and lush greenery: welcome to the glorious, relaxed French Riviera.

First things first: a simple lunch by the beach, wearing a knitted jumper and soft, white chinos, cocktail in hand and jacket tossed casually over your shoulder. It’s still early in the season, but that laidback holiday mood—where the clock ticks a little bit slower and the afternoon sun is somehow more golden—is always here.

Packing for Cap Estel is easy: just stick to earth tones, laidback logo sweatshirts, a merino piece or two in shades of sand and caramel, plus a light jacket for cool, moonlit walks. This is where the good life happens.